Swarm Suite Pic Disc Reviewed on Ragazine

Fred Roberts over at Ragazine did an excellent write up about Swarm Suite/So Do They. Featured are a lot of other cool musicians too, the whole article is certainly worth reading. Here’s what was said about Ostrich von Nipple:

Ostrich-Von-Nipple-e1464804871768Search as you might, you will not discover much about the mysterious music-art collective around Ostrich Von Nipple. That artistic weirdness of this magnitude could survive in Atlanta is surprising enough, but maybe that explains why a European label released the music. The collaboration includes an obscure electronic musician known only as rObOt and the obviously pseudonymal Shitty Bedford. Together they sound like the house band of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, complete with untamed Oompa Loompas. It seems like they soaked up every bit of weirdness in American music and gave birth to new bizarreness. If they have a godfather, it would be the Residents. The title track Swarm Suite is a distant variation on Not Available. So Do They, side two, starts with an Eastern raga feel and drifts, accompanied by the ever present sitar, into an uncharted dream world where the Residents most have originated from Near East. The two suites are released on a 10” vinyl picture that itself is a bizarre work of art.

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