OVN Quantifies Absurdity

Ostrich Von Nipple Digitizes Absurdity!

ovnqaMissed out on the Die Hard Edition of Quantifies Absurdity which was limited to only 33 copies? Do not fret, because it’s still available for purchase on CD and now also in digital formats!

There are still physical copies of Quantifies available through Psychofon Records but act quickly because they won’t be in stock forever–the run is strictly limited to 300 copies, once they are gone that is IT! The album comes packed in a beautiful triptych folding DVD case, completely slathered in artwork skillfully designed by Muhtlet Art


Don’t have a CD player, but still want to Quantify like the rest of the cool kids? It’s available on Amazon and iTunes for just $7.99! You can’t afford not to buy! And while you’re there, be sure to check out two other releases available digitally–Contemplates the Cosmos, and finally available in non-limited quantities, Plays Some Shitty Tunes–an EP dedicated to the music of Georgia based anomaly Shitty Bedford.

So…the ball is in your court. What are you waiting for?