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ostrich von nipple

ostrich von nippleAccording to myth, the ostrich is a bird that buries its head in the sand when it is unwilling to acknowledge or accept what is going on in the world around them. Ostrich Von Nipple (OVN) seems to relate by shunning the surrounding realities and “burying his head in the sand”. Existing and creating within the confines of his “own” world rather than a world in which he cannot relate. OVN is a music maker based out of the Atlanta, GA area (USA). Often times, he will enlist the help of friends and colleagues due to their interesting sounds. OVN’s music can be dark, somber, and haunting at times; colorful and wacky at others. The sounds are organized into strict compositions as well as abstract forms. Yet, though all of the different tones that are represented, the music always manages to remain a bit surreal. A sonic realm where nothing is truly as it seems.

Nolan Cook

nolan cook

Nolan Cook is a Texas­-born guitarist and composer who resides in Oakland, California and is known mostly for his tenure as the modern ­era touring and recording guitarist for legendary San Francisco experimentalists, The Residents, and for co­-founding and leading the progressive thrash outfit, Dimesland.

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R0b0t is a guitarist and noise maker whose humble beginnings started with the Goons of Waxing-Gibbous. For 20 years, R0b0t has been collaborating with his friends Chief Savage Joe, Ostrich Von Nipple, & Shitty Bedford.

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Shitty Bedford

shitty bedford


Havyn the Hatchling

the hatchling

Part electronic gizmo enthusiast, part tongue twisting voice barker, all man.

chief savagejoe

chief savagejoe

Chief Savagejoe, born from French and German immigrants, survived without music for the first 6 years of his live. Early influences included anything that he could break dance to and a select few Brian Wilson specials. As luck or divine intervention would have it, Chief shared his middle childhood years writing zeros and ones with R0b0t. The two had the great pleasure of collaborating with the late Rosco Chapp to write an ode to their beloved pupilage numerals with the early single “Math Song”.

A short celebration of success quickly changed to an epiphany. The unit was in need of a few more nipples. Enter Ostrich. Prosperity graced the group again as this local and highly sought after bird had just extracted his head from the ground. The quartet embarked on their Southern Fried Nipple tour and the rest is history.