New Ostrich von Nipple 10″ vinyl announced!


A new, very special release from OSTRICH VON NIPPLE is soon to be upon us! This upcoming 10″ picture vinyl, released by Psychofon Records, will contain two musical suites, approximately 12 minutes each. What you will hear is a marriage of old and new with something borrowed and certainly blue. You know how the old saying goes. However, in the OVN universe the adage is a bit different: Something mold, Something grew, Something sorrow, Something knew.

10inchWith this vinyl eventually in your hands, a brand new look into the world of OSTRICH VON NIPPLE awaits you. Edges peel away revealing new layers again and again. Through madness, dead dog innards and personal sorrow we somehow end up where we began.

Familiar tunes have been re-visited.
New tunes that should never be visited.
And visitors that never leave.
It is Fall, after all…

Pre-orders to begin soon.