New EP!! Ostrich von Nipple Qualifies Absurdity coming November 22

The stunning conclusion to the “Absurdity” series, Ostrich von Nipple Qualifies Absurdity explores uncharted territory with reams of new sounds and concepts, and features guest guitarists r0b0t, Steve Moss and Nolan Cook. The EP, containing 6 new compositions, is slated for release on the 22nd of November on 3″ Mini CD. Also on deck is a special collector’s edition that includes a vintage television-shaped viewmaster with 8 picture slides that reveal the track titles. Available only at Psychofon Records.

Ostrich von Nipple qualifies absurdity

OVN Video Interview with Make Weird Music

OVN - Make Weird Music

An interview has occurred. Really? In fact it’s the first ever video interview of our pal Ostrich von Nipple. The folks over at Make Weird Music do amazing work in promoting and spreading music with alternative tones and viewpoints. The interview features Ostrich of course, and also Andreas & Stephen, the two minds behind Psychofon Records and the label’s web presence/shop respectively.

Watch it below.

This Month’s Sauce Has Locusts In It.

In light of the upcoming release of Locust Fellow & Friends’ debut LP “Curse of The Baleful Caller”, we offer you a unique secret sauce for this month. Another true rarity, in the form of an experiment recorded by Mr. Locust Fellow and Ostrich von Nipple. If you can find it, enjoy….

Still seeking sauce satisfaction? Here’s a hint. It’s prominently displayed in the menu with all other things nipple, except you cannot see it. Unless you close your eyes. For fans of old point-and-click adventure games, you will know that it is time to pixel-hunt.

Curse of The Baleful Caller is out September 15th on black and splatter vinyl variations and comes with an mp3 download code. Only 100 copies of each exist, so be ready to order your copy right away!

Locust Fellow & Friends - Curse of The Baleful Caller